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Off The Street (OTS) is a voluntary organisation and is also a registered charity. Its primary purpose is to support children and young adults in the community giving them access to leisure, sports and education in a safe environment with qualified volunteers.

Current activities include the following:

Football | Cricket | Ice Skating | Go-Karting | Jump Giants | Cycle Rides | Climb for Charity | Cricket Workshop | Bicycle Maintenance Workshop | Father and Son Day | Running Club | Wembley Tour | Wall Climbing | Table Tennis | Tournaments & many more

The success of OTS has been down to two things; increased participation and planning. We would like to make this year our most successful year yet and secure the future of OTS at the same time. Some events we hold are free to the participants and we would like to keep as much of this as we can, however these events do come at a cost.

OTS is run by volunteers and require the support of the parents and the community, and a £40 contribution towards the project is a small price to pay for the discounted rates at the sessions and benefits available to each participant to cover the year.

To help the OTS team plan better, we have a voluntary annual subscription for ages 7 to 18, which gives participants access on priority basis to all of OTS’s planned programmes and events throughout the year. Some events will carry an additional cost, some will be subsidised and others will be free.

Become a subscriber to OTS where 7-18 year olds can benefit from discounted entry in to activities and events organised by Off The Street with a fee of only £40.

To sign up to the subscription, please fill out the form below. If you have any queries or would like to get in touch in regards to the subscription, feel free to do so by calling OTS on 07437668886 or email

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